What’s Sepulchral Silence?

Sepulchral Silence offers to artists, bands and record labels get their music into online stores and streaming services. Then, we collect the royalties and pay them out to our users.

To make it possible, we have implemented a professional and easy to use platform powered by SonoSuite, a leading company in the developement of technologies focused on music distribution business. With this technology, you will experience a full control of the distribution process.

Why Should You Use Sepulchral Silence?

Your music should be in stores. Sepulchral Silence is the only service that lets you upload unlimited music for free. With no setup or hidden costs.

How Much Does Sepulchral Silence Cost?

Nothing. Sepulchral Silence is free to use and lets you to upload unlimited music to online stores and streaming services while you keep between 85% and 95% of your royalties.

Who Uses Sepulchral Silence?

Sepulchral Silence is for independent artists, bands, record labels, music distributors, DJs, producers and YouTube creators! Everyone who makes music is welcome to Sepulchral Silence.

Do You Have More Questions?

No problem! Visit our Support Center or Contact Us